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Professional Organizing Services for the Chronically Disorganized

Professional Organizing Services for the Chronically Disorganized

The following are a list of professional services Chaos Tamers provides for the chronically disorganized, along with a list of each service’s benefits. All of these services can be combined into a package program tailored for your personal needs. If you would like us to assist you with your own organizing needs, fill out our contact form, or call us at 847-767-6139, or email us at 

Hands-on Organizing

·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We work one-on-one with the client.  We do not make you throw things out. We sort through your items and you decide what to keep or discard. Items that go are donated or recycled whenever possible.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You will be able to find things without difficulty. You will save time because everything will have a home.  You will know where something should be stored and you will be able to find it there.  You will save money because you will not need to buy duplicates of things you already own but cannot find.

Senior Accessibility

·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We relocate items in the kitchen, bathroom or closets so seniors can reach them.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: Seniors can more easily access whatever items in their home they need to. For example, they can now prepare meals in their kitchen much more easily, they can get their clothes out of the closet easier, and we reduce the risk of them falling from a ladder or chair.

Maintenance (Organizing)

·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: Organizing is not a one-time event. As new items come into the house, they need to find a home. Old items may need to go to new owners or be recycled. We work with you to build a maintenance plan for how to handle new items, so the clutter doesn’t accumulate again.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You will reap all of the benefits of being organized by saving time, space and money – and you’ll be able to keep it up with a plan that is simple and easy to follow.

Paper Management

·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We setup your new filing system or tweak your existing systems. We also set up processes to handle your incoming papers and mail.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: This helps you reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. You avoid late-fees because you won’t misplace bills. You will be able to find information you have filed. And of course, you’ll enjoy the benefits of significantly reduced clutter on your desk overall.


·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We deliver small donations to charities on behalf of our clients.  For larger donations, we can arrange for a charity to pick the items up at the client’s home.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: We provide you with the receipt from the charity, so that you may be able to claim a charitable deduction on your income tax.

PC Files and E-mail Management

·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We set up a system to manage files on your computer and/or in your e-mail program.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You will be able to locate digital files quickly and more efficiently, and whenever you need them.


·         WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We work with your family on organizing all of your existing items and provide a smart and low-stress means for removing unnecessary items. We can arrange for temporary storage of some items while your house is on the market. We can arrange for charitable donations if you are downsizing.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: By de-cluttering before a move, your home will be more appealing. A clutter-free home should sell faster and be able to command a higher price. You can donate heirlooms or unneeded items to family members before the move. Other items can be donated to charity. With fewer items to move, it should cost you less to move. Your new home will not be over-crowded and everything will have a place of honor in your new home.


·         WHAT WE DO: We consult and train you on key organizing and time-management skills, so you are able to maintain the organizing processes put in place.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You make excellent use of your time organizing what you need to on your own or with minimal support. You may be able to organize your home on your own in the future or only need occasional maintenance sessions with a professional organizer

Speaking at meetings/conferences

·         WHAT WE DO: We give presentations with organizing tips and resources. We answer attendee’s questions about organizing and de-cluttering. Presentations can be custom-made to a subject matter, or we can suggest a subject based on your group’s preferences

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You and your group receive a package rate for my in-person consulting services, in a standard or customized presentation with Q&A that everyone in the group benefits from. Specialty resources with information can also be included with the presentation or in a separate brochure or flier for attendees.

Retirement homes and organization maintenance

·         WHAT WE DO: We review what has been kept after seniors have moved from their larger home to their new retirement home, or other assisted living facility. Sometimes seniors may have brought too much with them from their former home. We can help them sort through their belongings and decide what stays and what needs to go.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: The senior’s new home is now free from clutter, and extra items can be stored safely or given away with the senior’s knowledge and consent.

Organizing craft or hobby supplies

·         WHAT WE DO: We find suitable storage solutions for these supplies. The supplies may require special containers and storage spaces at particular locations in the house (or storage facility).

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You’ll have more time to work on you hobby or craft, because you won’t waste time looking through your supplies for what they need.

Organizing closets

·         WHAT WE DO: We sort and reduce the items in your closet; we assign all items a designated home; and we find suitable containers and label them.

·         HOW YOU BENEIT: You will be able to make much better use of your closets, and be able to find what you need quickly. Unwanted clothes or linens can be sent to consignment shops or donated to charity. You can get ready faster in the morning when your bathroom vanity/closet is better organized.

Organizing kitchens

·         WHAT WE DO: We sort items in kitchen cabinets or pantries, find suitable containers, and eliminate expired food. For seniors, we make sure the items they use are within easy reach and accessible. We may also donate unwanted, non-expired food to a local food pantry.

·         HOW YOU BENEFIT: You have a clean and efficient kitchen, and you receive a donation receipt from the food pantry for a possible income tax donation.