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Professional Organizing Tips for the Chronically Disorganized

The following are Cathy Bock’s own special tips for keeping yourself organized and stress-free. If you have a tip to share or have a question, contact Chaos Tamers at 847.767.6139 or go to our Contact Us Form, or email us a

·         Tip #1: Simple Planner / To-Do Lists

·         Tip #2: Remembering Special Occasions

Tip #1: Keep a Simple Planner or a To-Do List

Why do people need a simple planner or to-do list? Simple answer: It helps you plan your time and you won’t forget important tasks.

Here’s how easy it is to set up your own simple planner and stick with it…

  1. Create a planner from a folder with prongs in the middle. Place a thin 8 ½” x 11” piece of cardboard in the prongs.

  • TODAY is the left inside page

  • THIS WEEK is the middle page

  •   FUTURE is the right page. This is the storage spot for all other items that are not due this week. You can place a supply of Post-It notes in the right-hand pocket.

  1. Schedule time at least once a week to do a brain dump.  Write all those nagging tasks that are floating around in your head down on Post-It notes. Then assign those tasks and any left over from last week to the proper section of the planner – TODAY, THIS WEEK or FUTURE.
  2. Every evening, go through the tasks assigned to THIS WEEK and place no more than 7 on the TODAY page for you to complete the following day.

Tip #2: Remembering Special Occasions

This tip has to do with remembering birthdays and other important reoccurring events. Here’s what I do that can work for everyone…

  • I buy a small hanging calendar (about 7" x 14" when open) to hang on my refrigerator.

  • I put one 3" x 3" super sticky Post-It note on each month. Then for each month, I list birthdays and anniversaries. I do this for the whole year.

  • If someone's birthday is the first of the month, I put them on the previous month's note. Then you can send a card in time.

  • When the month is over, I store the Post-It note on the last page of the calendar for re-use next year. (I've been using the same Post-It notes for many years.)

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